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I save up points so I can commission or buy from artists I like. Any amount of points will help.

If you're paying for a commission, adoptable, etc. I prefer you pay them here. It's easier to keep track of my transactions that way.

If you're simply feeling generous, go ahead & donate!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Thank you Spammkys for the ID!

My name is Jamie, but you can call me Luxa!

All my page rules & everything about me is here on the ID you're reading. Read my about me if you want to get to know more about myself. Please respect my page rules. If you have a question for me, read my general info in case your question may already be answered there. Other accounts of mine are linked here if you're interested. Scroll away!
Rules/considerations & about me are at the top. General info is in the middle. Links to & names of my other accounts are at the bottom.

About me:
ESP: escribiendolo algun día lmao
Commission info:…

Do not:
spam on my profile, artworks, etc.
steal my art or ideas.
harass me or my friends.
start drama on my profile or any of my content
drag me into your drama
Stamp: Please Comment if Fav by SimplySilent
-Please comment on something of mine if you fave it! I enjoy getting feedback.
-I highly prefer not to be thanked for faves, llamas, watches, etc. But, if you really want to thank me for something, please do so by reply to the featured comment on my profile.
-Please reply to my featured comment if you want to say something on my profile. If you don't see it, scroll down for it. I will hide any comments that do not reply to the featured comment, no matter who made them.
-If you don't care, don't fave my art. Simple as that.
-Don't fave bomb me or fave my art once in a while unless you plan to watch me. I get annoyed when people do that.
-Don't watch me if the reason is that you expect me to watch you back. I rarely watch back, so don't count on it.
-Only watch me if you will care for my content. I don't want to have a bunch of uncaring watchers.
-If you do watch me, I recommend you to also look through my gallery. You may find something that you'll like!
-If I didn't comment on something I faved from you & you want me to comment on it, just ask me to & I will do so.
-If you don't like something I have, then simply avoid looking at it & move on.
-Critiques & calm opinions on my content are fine with me. Pointless hate & raging are NOT.

Hope you like my art! :D :) ;)

1. What you can refer to me as:
I prefer being called Luxa, but you can also refer to me as: Jiru, Ruth, Jello, Koko, or Jamie!

2. What I do for others:
-I don't do requests anymore.
-Commissions are for anyone. For information on them, refer to the link at the top of this ID.
-Art trades are done with mutuals & watchers only. If you're a friend, I'll be very likely to do one with you. If you're a watcher, it will depend if I'm interested or not. If you're a watcher & I do accept, you must upload your part first. I will let you know when my part is completed.
-Gifts will be made for whoever I feel like making them for. I usually make them for my friends & inspirations. I will never make a gift for someone who asks for one. That is the same thing as doing a request, which I never do.
-Collabs are mostly done with friends & mutuals. I MIGHT do one with a watcher if they ask, but it will depend on if I'm interested or not. It's not likely if you're a watcher, but you can try. I usually do the colouring, but I might do the line art instead (if the collab will be lined). It depends on how your art is.
-I rarely roleplay, but I will if you ask me to, as long it’s based off something I’m familiar with. It can be SFW or NSFW, but I will not allow any fetishes to be involved.
-I do raffles & I might do a contest in the future, if I think of a theme for one. I don't host kiribans. What I've hosted so far: 1 raffle.

3. Favours I do/don't do if you ask:
If you’re asking for me to watch you, favourite you, or give you points, etc., no. I never do any of that on request. I don't give llamas anymore because I have given way too many of them in the past and don't see much of a point in them anymore. If you want me to draw you something, it will either be done through an art trade or you’ll have to commission me. If I do make something for you, please be patient. Do not ask me when something I'm making for you will be ready. Ask constantly enough, & I won't complete it. This question is not exhaustive; there are many more ways someone could ask me this & that I could respond to.

4. Art I draw/can draw & what I don't draw:
-I draw/can draw: fan art, violence, gore (as long as it’s not extreme), abstract art, & art regarding any sexual orientation.
-I will not draw: vore, fetishism, any offensive material, religious art, & porn. I only draw porn for myself
Specific things I draw/can draw:
-Steven Universe
-real or fictional animals (depends)
-your OC(s) (depends)
-chibi humans
-Specific things I don’t draw: MLP, Sonic, FNAF, mechas, vehicles, & regular humans.

5. Information I don't give out:
Full name, age, phone number, address, location, etc. I also don’t give out some of my accounts. For example, I have Twitter & Facebook, but those are for real-life friends to know only. Yes, I’ve linked accounts to those sites before. Those accounts were deleted. Relying on those to find me won’t do you any good.

6. What to do if you find content of mine that was stolen:
Tell me immediately & link the stolen work to me. Report them too if you can.

7. About adoptables:
I do them. You can find them in my gallery (they’re in the “featured” section) or through the links on my Things To Check Out widget. If you don't plan on adopting a character, please don't favourite the artwork of it.

8. If you want to draw my characters:
Yes you can draw them! I love it when people draw art for me, especially my characters. Just be sure to credit me & tag me in the art so I can see it. And please, PLEASE do not draw fetish or hate art of my characters. You can only draw NSFW of them if I give you permission. If I do, I will ask you to show it to me privately.
9. If you want to know why my art is so good/bad:
-I practice a whole freaking lot. My advice is to sketch your art before you draw it (unless it’s something super simple, then there’s no need) & to use whatever tools you have at your disposal.
-If you think my art is bad, don’t give me unnecessary hate. I get it, my art is not the best. Please give me constructive criticism if you think so.

10. My gender, pronouns, and sexuality:
-I am a male, although you can use any pronouns for me except it/its. I am agender, which means I am not attracted to either gender, or I basically don't care what gender my partner would be.

11. If you want to use my artwork:
-It depends whether you can use it or not. You must ask me if you can use any work of mine & tell me what you're going to use it for. Don't rage at me if I say that you can't use something. The only works of mine that are absolutely free & require no permission from me are the wallpapers I've made.

12. If you have an issue with me:
Tell me your issue DIRECTLY. If it's personal, you should note me. Don't wait for people to attack me for something I did wrong, say that you have a problem with me but refuse to tell me why, etc. That gets annoying fast. If you CALL ME OUT & I figure out that's about me, you're fucking dead. If your issue with me is something silly like me drawing a lot of art for one fandom, talk about something often, or anything similar to that, just unwatch me. There's an unwatch button on the top right of my profile, & you're more than welcome to click it.

13. How to contact me if I've blocked you here:
Contact me on another website. The best ways to do this are using the discussion section on my youtube channel & messaging me on Tumblr. Of course, there are other ways to do this.

14. If you want to be my friend:

I'm cool with being friends with people on here! If you share a lot of my interests, I'll most likely be your friend. But, don't ask me "can we be friends?". That's not the way to start a friendship & it's awkward to say. Simply just start a conversation with me, & I'll befriend you. I'm on DeviantArt & Skype a lot, so it's best to talk to me there if you want me to reach you in time. On other places or if I'm busy, I may not respond to you in time, so please bear that in mind. Speaking of Skype, I can always message you to talk. I don't do video chat on there & will only voice chat with people I feel comfortable with doing. It's not that I'm shy, I just want to protect my identity. If you become annoying, rude, creepy, etc. towards me, I will immediately stop being your friend. Also note that I do not forgive easily, so watch what you do around me.

15. Shipping your OCs with mine:
Always ask me before shipping one of your OCs with mine. Make sure your character's orientation matches with my character's orientation. For example, I cannot ship a straight female with a gay male. If your character has no stated orientation, I'm less likely going to ship it with someone. Most of my OCs are available for shipping, but the ones I'm mostly looking to pair someone with are my koopaling & kogon OCs. Don't get mad at me if I decide not to ship my character with yours.

16. Tagging me in anything:
Tagging me is fine, as long as it's not in spam. If you tag me in a journal meme or something like that, don't expect me to do it for sure. I will decide if I want to do it or not. Always tag me in things that involve my credit, such as if you draw my characters, species, etc. If you constantly tag me in ways that are spam (ex. tagging me in every status post you make that isn't relevant to me), I will block & report you for it.

17. Languages I speak:
ENG/ESP or English/Spanish or Ingles/Español

English is my main language & I prefer speaking in it the most. You can talk to me in Spanish if you want or absolutely need to. Spanish is not my main language & I may mess up while speaking it, so please keep that in mind.
*Ingles es mi idioma principal. Prefiero hablando ingles. Hablamé conmigo en español si necesita o desea. Español no es mi idioma principal. Me lío que habla a veces. Tenga esto en mente, por favor.

I will participate in your ONLY if you are a mutual or a non-mutual I am comfortable being around with. Do not bother inviting me if you're not a mutual, especially if you're someone I'm uncomfortable with. If you do this anyway, I WILL block you. An example of a non-mutual I am comfortable with would be someone I watch here or follow elsewhere that I really like. As for doing a myself, I probably won't ever do one since I don't have much interest for streaming. But who knows, I might do it one day.

Since I can't fit all my websites in one spot, here you go! These are the ones I'm fine with giving out. Be sure to check them out if you'd like:

-Skype- note me
Discord- note me

- means I'm pretty active on there

TFM name- rujillous


Drawcember Day 8- Porter by Iuxa
Drawcember Day 8- Porter
Porter Robinson! He's one of my favourite artists now and I love a lot of his songs, especially the songs on his album Worlds. Still can't believe I got to see him live ahh. ;u; It's been exactly 2 month since then actually
I drew him in a chibi style that's similar to how he looks in the Porter Robinson messaging stickers. He's probably playing Sm4sh on his 3DS.

Madeon will be up next, and hopefully I can finish drawing him today and not make that drawing late

Sorry for forgetting post a drawing for Drawcember yesterday. At first I was having problems uploading the pic, so I decided that I'd do it later, and then I completely forgot about posting it. Hopefully I won't miss anymore days. :/
Drawcember Day 8- Christmas Fur by Iuxa
Drawcember Day 8- Christmas Fur
I haven't drawn Digimon in foreverrr! And I don't just mean I haven't posted it, I mean I literally haven't draw anything of it for a long time. Gabumon has been my favorite Digimon and he still is! Drawing him was a lot more difficult than I expected. Sorry about how his claws came out. Sure I used to draw him a lot, but I didn't bother drawing him properly back then lol. I gave him red and white stripes to make him match the Christmas theme. Since there is a lot of green, I guess you could say he could possibly be Psychemon?
You may not know this, but I used to be obsessed with Digimon back when I was 12 lmao

Gabumon belongs to Toei Animation

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